Getting to the Conference Venue

1st ICONIES 2018 will be held at Universitas Islam Negeri Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang, Malang, Indonesia. Below is the map of the conference venue:

In order to get the conference venue, we can use some alternative transportation modes:

By Taxi

Unlike many other cities in Indonesia, taxis do not drive around looking for passengers but sit in ranks waiting for phone orders. The cost varies depending on how far you stay from the conference venue calculated by each taximeter. Unless it is raining heavily or a large number of visitors are in town for university graduation ceremonies, waiting time will generally be less than 15 minutes. Malang has four official taxi firms, all offering phone booking, i.e. Citra Taxi: +62 341 404040, Perdana Taxi: +62 341 488888, Mandala Taxi: +62 341 474747, Bima Taxi: +62 341 364026.

By Public Minibus

There is another local transportation mode using minibuses which is called “mikrolet” or “angkot”. It is easily recognized by the color of their bodies which are dominantly blue. Each minibus has a particular destination which is labeled with its abbreviation placed in the front glass of the vehicle. In general, all journeys within the city are priced at IDR 4,000. In order to get the venue, we have to get one which passes the UIN Malang and get off at either Sumbersari Gate of UIN Malang. Once we arrived at such gate, we need to walk toward the Ir. Soekarno (Rectorat) Building.

Getting to Malang

Malang is a beautiful city located in the East Java Province. It is located 294 km from Denpasar (Bali Island), 80 km from Surabaya (the Capital City of Eas Java Province), and 674 km from Jakarta (the Capital City of Indonesia). We have various transportation modes to get Malang including plane (domestic and international flights), train (domestic), and bus (domestic). International participants will have to get to Jakarta or Surabaya first before getting to Malang since there is no international airport in Malang.

By Plane

There are 2 alternatives to get to Malang by plane. The first option is to go directly to Malang while the second option is to enter via Surabaya, which has several direct flights from Singapore, Malaysia, as well as many other cites in Indonesia. From Surabaya, you could take train or bus.

Direct to Malang (Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport, MLG)

Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport is served by daily flights from Jakarta which are operated by Garuda, Sriwijaya, Batavia and Lion Air, as well as by daily flights from Denpasar which are operated by Lion Air. The airport is located at the east of the city, and a cheap and easy taxi ride from your hotel in Malang. Shoestringers also have the option of traveling by mikrolet (public minibus).

Via Surabaya (Juanda Airport, SUB)

Surabaya is the second busiest airport in Indonesia, with frequent daily flights to Jakarta and many other destinations within Indonesia. In addition, there are also direct international flights to Surabaya from Singapore (AirAsia, SilkAir, China Airlines), Kuala Lumpur (AirAsia), Penang (AirAsia), Bandar Seri Begawan (Royal Brunei), Bangkok (AirAsia), Hong Kong (Cathay Pacific, Garuda), Taipei (China Airlines), and possibly other locations.

For the late arrivals, there are lots of hotels right near the airport; until about 22:00 hours there is a hotel booking office at the airport that will find you a room; after that, just hire a taxi and ask them to find you a nearby hotel in your price range.

Getting to Malang from Juanda Airport (Surabaya)

The easiest way to go is by taxi, directly from the airport to your hotel in Malang; typical travel time is about 2 – 3 hours, though it can end up either less or more, depending on traffic conditions. Official taxis, which are comfortable and presumably more reliable, go for a fixed price of IDR 436,000. Alternatively, if you’re so inclined, you can knock a bit off the price by bargaining with one of the touts.

A mid-range option is to go by “travel”, which is a minibus with about 6-8 reasonably comfortable seats, at IDR 70,000 per person. They leave the airport when full, and drop each passenger off at his or her destination, so it’s like a taxi, except that you have a potential wait before departing, and a potential lengthy free tour of Malang suburbia at the other end if you’re (un)lucky enough to be dropped off last. Finally, budget travellers can catch the Damri bus from the airport to the Sidoarjo Bus Terminal, from which buses are available to Malang.

An important thing to note is that Surabaya airport is located at the south of the city on the road to Malang, so unless you have some particular reason to visit Surabaya, there is no reason to go into town first in order to get to Malang.

By Train

It is also possible to travel to Malang by train from various locations in Java. In addition to a variety of slow economy class trains, there is also an overnight train, the Gajayana, with business and executive class services from Jakarta to Malang, stopping at Purwokerto, Yogyakarta, Solo, Madiun, Kediri, Tulungagung and Blitar. The journey from Jakarta takes 15:30 hours, and is an excellent option for those traveling from Central Java especially.

By Bus

Frequent buses run from most cities in Java to the Arjosari Bus Terminal in Malang. Many of them go through the Bungurasih Terminal in Surabaya. Direct buses are available from Surakarta, Yogyakarta and Jakarta. There are a variety of options, ranging from local, non-air-conditioned buses which make frequent stops, to “Patas” bus, which are air-conditioned and run between the major cities only.